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My objective:  Provide the student with the necessary information and attention they need outside of the classroom to be successful at Millikin University.





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Office of Student Success testing Procedures


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Info on preparing for Scheduling Day

`  When you come for your advising meeting bring list of courses you plan to take and the proposed times and dates for each course.


Business Management Major Sheet Fall 2015 form



1.  Juniors and Seniors please download and review your DEGREE EVALUATION.  this can be found on MU Online.

          Make sure that the courses you have taken show up correctly.

2.  Seniors, if you anticipate graduating in May then get and complete a Application to Graduate form;  click here for form.

3.  Management majors be prepared to discuss with me on how you anticipate meeting your International experience and internship.  Go to Learning thru Travel in this website to see the options I offer.

4.  Look at the options for your IN 250, 251 and 350.  Click on the INFO ON PREPARING FOR SCHEDULING DAY, then look at the available options.

5.  Do the same for your Science, Fine Art options.

6.  For the ICS consider taking a language though it is not required.  Most of the IN 350 and travel courses satisfy one of the ICS requirements.

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