Office of student success Testing Procedures

If you think you have a learning disability and wish to have it documented then  go to the Office of Student Success in the Staley Library room LIB 14A or contact

Robin Steadman

Administrative assistant 

217 362-6424




If you have a documented disability and require added time and accommodations for taking a test then follow the procedure below for taking the test.

 –  Go to your My Millikin; go to academics; click on testing requests

 –  Fill a test request out online,

 –  This must done at least three days in advance.

 –   Anything less than that, they will need to come to the Office of Student Success. 

 –   Once the request is made online,

 –  The instructor will automatically receive an email from the Office of Student Success that the exam has been scheduled

 –  The instructor send a copy of the exam to the Office of Student Success.  

 –  OSS will send an email to the instructor the day before the exam

 –  Upon request, OSS will send someone to the Instructors office to pick the exam up.