Paying for the trips

There are a number of ways to pay for your travel


The Center for International Education (CIE) have several scholarships available.  To understand which maybe available to you,  go to SH 205 and speak with a CIE Rep.

Here are the forms for the International Fellowship Scholarships:

International Fellowship Program Application 2016

International Fellowship Recommendation Form

International Fellows Program webpage

This webpage describes the specific scholarships and the deadlines for applications

If you are a Long Vandenburg Scholar there is typically money available for International Travel.

The best is to check with Financial Aid to see if your scholarship or grant covers all or some of your travel expenses.  Also, see if you could be eligible to receive additional funds for travel if it is part of a class.

Millikin Scholarships & Grants webpage

You could be eligible for scholarship and grants from organizations that you or your parents belong and from their places of business.

The best way is to plan ahead as to what will be your international experience and plan for the financial aspect over the early part of your Millikin career.