Registering for a Travel Course

Congratulations of making a wise decision to take a travel course.

This page is to help you navigate the process of registering for the course.


Registering for a Travel course is different than registering for a typical academic course.  Here are the steps you need to take after you have decided which trip to take.

Step 1:  Obtain and complete the Travel Contract

The travel contract can be obtained from the faculty member who is offering the course.

You need to add your name, identify the course (when there are options) and sign

Take the form to the faculty member offering the course for their signature.

           –  you do not have to witness the signing so you can likely leave it in their mailbox then come back for it.

      For your convenience I have placed the most recent travel contract for each Course:

                          Dominican Republic:  MG481-IN350-Fall 2016 StudTravelContract-Stapleton


                           Paris:  To be determined – Jan 2017

Step 2:  Go to the Student Services office and pay deposit

The deposit to be paid will be identified on the Travel Contract.

                – Typically the deposit is $500

they will sign the form

Step 3:  Go to the Center for International Education  (CIE)

CIE is on 2nd floor Shilling (University Commons)

I have included the forms below.

      Read and complete the forms before going to the CIE Office

   – including the one for the ISIC card

They will sign the form


           Study Abroad Information Sheet

          Study Abroad ISIC Application

         Study Abroad Notary Waiver

         Study Abroad Student Responsibility Form

Step 4:  Go to the Office of the Dean of Fine Arts (SH 211)

Give paper to Administrative Assistant, Lori Gilbert

She will record and send the completed form to the Registrar office

Step 5:  Registrar will register you for the class

Once the registrar has enrolled you the course should show up on your schedule.