Business Creation


Designed to provide students with a basic understanding of business, this course stresses personal and professional development and is built around the introduction and integration of the various business functions. Concepts such as teams, leadership, ethics, professionalism, and communications are explored through a team-designed written business plan and professional presentation.





Topic 1: Introduction, discussion of syllabus, SWOT and the business plan

Topic 2 : Brainstorming your business and Business Model Canvas

Topic 3 : Business Canvas Model

Topic 4 : Business Plan Outline

Topic 5 : Industry Background and Research

Topic 6 : Competitive Landscape

Topic 7 : Customers and Sales Potential

Topic 8 : Business Opportunity and Market Fit

Topic 9 : Financial Statements

Topic 10 : Marketing

Topic 11: Management and Legal Structure


 Baylor – New Venture Competition