External and Internal Environment

External forces


Chapter 2 (pp 43-72)


Due 1/28

1.  As a new manager why should I follow what is happening to interest and inflation?

2.  How has technology helped the new manager?

3.  Which laws and regulations impact the new manager?

4.  How has the demographic of the US worker changed and how has it impacted the new Manager?

5.  Which type of competitor do you think will have the biggest impact on US companies over the next 5 years?

6.  How is Environmental Analysis performed and how does it help our company?

7.  How can we respond to a changing environment?

8.  How can a corporate culture be established?  how does the new supervisor best promote this corporate culture?



Cases and Questions

discuss in class on 1/30

Amazon CASE 1

Amazon Case 2


Answer QUESTIONS:     due 1/30

1. Describe the various ways in which Amazon earns revenues discussing their similarities and differences.

2. List Amazon’s competitors and match them to the company’s various services and products. Does Amazon compete with some of these in more than one area?

3. Review all the new Amazon products and services announced and introduced over the last year.

4. Evaluate the threats and opportunities in the AWS business.

5. Should Amazon be concerned about its losses despite its growth? Discuss how the company grew and explain why it had losses.

6. Startups often incur losses as they grow. How long should investors wait for profitability? Why might that be difficult to quantify?

7. What motivated recent price cuts at AWS and how has that affected the company?

8. List some of the kinds of companies that might use AWS. How do they meet their computing needs if they don’t use AWS?

9. The Kindle phone is an example of a new product from Amazon. What is its price and features? Who are its rivals and how does the phone compare to them?



Notes and Reference Materials

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