Case Study Project

This is the project associated with the Principle of Management class MG 300.

Your assignment is to write a Case Study based on a current event with a specific company of your choosing.

You will use the outline that I provide below.  I will also provide examples of how other students have completed this project.


The case will cover one or more of the chapters in this course; but not all.

This assignment will require lots of research beyond simply googling the company, (I.e you may have to use library resources)

Our class is a Management class so the case should be about Managing and not a marketing or financial problem.

The case study does not provide a solution but states the problem and gives enough info about the decision maker, the environment, and the possible choices.


You will work in groups of 4.

The product you will deliver will be:

 – a paper stating the case and its specific issue

 – a set of teaching notes.  this is where you will relate the case to the topics in class.

  – a 15 min presentation to be given in class.  This is brief so you need to get the case and the teaching notes across.


Presentations will be given the last Friday in class or during Finals week.


Tabor Team Evaluation Form


Project Outline


Case Study Evaluation Metric





Case Study examples







Starbucks 2

Starbucks final