Decision Making


Chapter 3 (pp 79-102)



`Due 2/2

1.  Why do some managers avoid making decisions?

2.  How do you define a Programmed and a non-programmed decision?  provide examples

3.  How does risk play a role in your decision making?

4.  Do you let emotions play a role in your decision making?  Should they?

5.  What are the phases of decision making as defined in the text?  Which is the hardest for you?  why?

6.  What are the things that get in the way of making a effective decision?

7.  What are the advantages and disadvantages in making decisions in a group?

8.  How should managers promote effective group decision making?

9.  Do you think a manager can prepare themselves for decision making in a crisis?  why do you think that way?  How could they, if possible?


Cases and Questions

Due 2/4

Mindtool quiz

(take the quiz.  Copy your cut and paste your answers and resulting score on to a word Doc.

Write on the same word doc your response to these 2 questions.

     Did the results surprise you?  why or why not

     How does your decision making relate to the topics discussed in the chapter)



Due 2/6

Netflix CEO Unbowed

(case questions are on first page of case document)



Notes and Reference Materials


Decision Making Scenarios

Mind tool