Diverse Workforce


Chapter 11 (pp 369-397)


Assignments  (due 2/25)

  1. How do you define diversity?  Is it only based on age, gender, ethnicity and race?

  2. Why should an organization strive towards having an inclusive culture?  Only because the law says so?

  3. What is the reason for affirmative action? Why is affirmative action and diversity not the same?

  4. What are the advantages within the marketplace of having a diverse and inclusive workforce?

  5. What are the challenges of inclusion and diversity?

  6. What are some ways for an organization to become more inclusive and diverse?


Note:  remember your answers should include the following

1.  How does the text discuss this question

2.  an example

3.  Your interpretation of how the example supports your thoughts on the question



Cases and Questions


The pros and cons to diversity (Read for 2/27)


Top 10 Economic Facts of Diversity in the Workplace (Read for 2/27)


Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits Challenges and Solutions ( read for 2/27)


`Managing Diversity at Workplace: A case study of HP (Read for 2/27)



Notes and Reference Materials


Supreme Court Redefines Workplace Discrimination