Global Management



Chapter 6 (pp 187- 218)  Due 4/15




Discussion Questions

Questions 1,3,4,5 and 6 (pg 220)  Due 4/15



Cases and Questions

Russia Bans Food Imports in Retaliation for Western Sanctions  Due 4/17



1. What sanctions did Russia impose on some Western countries?

2. What impact would it likely have on Russia, Europe and the U.S.?

3.  Could these sanctions impact a U.S. business?  How?

4.  How would you address sanctions that impact your business?


`Russia Shuts 12 McDonalds as tensions mount  Due 4/17

1.  Why are the store being shut?

2.  what can McDonalds do in the short term?

3.  What can McDonalds do in the long term?



Notes and Reference Materials

Global Environment