Human Resource Management


Chapter 10 (pp 326-361)  Due 2/16


Questions Due 2/16

1.  Name the six key HRM activities.

2.  Describe the major regulations governing HRM practices

3.  Define Job analysis.  Why is it important for each of the six key HRM activities?

4. What are some of the recruiting methods.  What the pros and cons of each?

5.  What is the purpose of a performance appraisal?

6.  What should we remember in doing a performance appraisal?

7.  How do you define an effective reward system? Do benefits have the same impact on all employees?

8.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of collective bargaining, for both employer and employee?


Cases and Questions

Factory Helps Teens get Diplomas


Answer these questions for case study;

QUESTIONS:  Due 2/18
1. Why is Southwire training teenagers at their factory?

2. What type of skills are the teenagers learning during the classroom training at Southwire? Why is this important for the company?

3. How did Southwire design the training program? What are the benefits for the teenagers?



Get Rid of the Performance Review – WSJ 10-20-08

Questions: Due 2/20

1.  What is the problems with performance reviews?

2.  What is the purpose of performance reviews?

3.  Is it feasible to eliminate performance reviews?

4.  How would you fix the process?



Notes and Reference Materials

Employees, Measure Yourselves

Everything is Awesome – Why you can not tell employees they are doing a bad job

Why is it so hard to fill a sales job