Chapter 17 (pp 561-587)  (Due 3/30)



Discussion Questions (Due 3/30)

 1.  Define innovation?

2.  Describe the life cycle of technology

3.  How can we manage technology to be a competitive advantage.

4.  How should we organize to promote innovation in our company

5. Identify a product or process that is a good example of an innovation,  be specific in how it is an innovation.

Cases and Questions


 Chinese Gadgets signal new era of Innovation (due 4/1)

1. How is China increasing innovation?

2Where do most of the innovations fall on the Life Cycle?  Which of the three type of innovation described in the text is best represented?  Discuss.

3. Do you think the innovations defined in the article meet a need?  why or why not?

4.  What are the barriers for innovation in China?

5.  What are possible solutions to the barriers in China?


Entrepreneurs: born or made?  (due 4/1)

1. Do you believe that entrepreneurs are born or made?  why and be specific?

2. Do you see flaws in Professor Koch’s argument?

3.  Do you see flaws in Professor Lange’s argument?

Notes and Reference Materials