Chapter 12 (pp 404-431) DUE 3/2




Discussion Questions (Due 3/2)


1. Is there a difference between effective management and effective leadership? Explain?

2.  Identify someone you think is an effective leader? What makes them such?

3.  Do you think men and women have different leadership styles? can you describe using the styles discussed in the text?  Have you experienced the difference?  How?

4.  Who are your heros? What made them good leaders?  Did they have a style?

5.  Assess yourself as a leader based on what you have read in the text. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?



Cases and Questions

Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership`(Read for 3/6)

– identify which 5 of Maxwell’s Laws do you think is most important in being an effective leader.

– write a paragraph on each law you chose as to why you think they are important>

‘  be prepared to present in class.


Why Managers are Stuck in their Silos` (Read for 3/4)

Notes and Reference Materials