Process Improvement

This is a new course

The lifeblood of any organization is its ability to keep up with what our customers want and demand from our organization. In order to keep up with the continually changing customer needs and the environment in which we must provide them it is important to identify and improve our processes. These processes extend beyond the manufacturing processes but include the processes of how we interface with our customers both before and after delivery.

To be effective every member of the organization must understand what they provide, who they provide this product or service to, whether inside or outside the company.

This course continues the use of process management which was introduced in MG 370 Process Management in Operations, and introduces the concept of six sigma and its tools. Students will develop a working knowledge of how to apply these methodologies across various industries. Each student will learn about quality management systems used globally.



Week 1 – What is Quality and Process Improvement

Week 2: Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen

Week 3 & 4: Define Phase – Six Sigma Tools

Week 5 & 6 : Measure Phase – Six sigma tools, Process Management Flowcharting, Process Value Stream Mapping

Week 7 & 8:  Analyze Phase – Six sigma tools

Week 9 & 10:  Improve Phase – Six sigma tools

Week 11:  Control Phase – Six sigma tools

Week 12: Applications in Healthcare

Week 13:  Applications in Product Development

Week 14:  Quality Management Systems – ISO 9000

Week 15:  Green Belt Training

Final Week: Final Project Discussion